Massage Therapy

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Traveling Massage Therapy Services:
1. Foot Massage 
2. Body Massage
3. Combo Massage
4. Table Stretch
5. Hypervolt 
COMBO MASSAGE - Your combo massage could include. Swedish. Neuromuscular Work. Aromatherapy. Deep Tissue or a combo of all the massages and stretches. Orthopedic .
Combo massages are the best!
 Combined from all the others!
BODY MASSAGE - Basically a full body massage with all the ins and outs, except no neck and no feet. This is for the clients whom don’t carry any tension on the shoulders or in the feet, barely ever, but we have it just in case you want it! 
The ultimate in relaxation, this is the kind of massage most commonly given in spas. Oil is applied to the body in soothing strokes that melt away stress.